A History of Excellence for over 50 years

In 1962, Leonard and Pauline Schnipke founded The Schnipke Engraving Company (SEC). Initially, the Company was focused on industrial engraving and complex pantograph image duplication. As the Company expanded, it began to provide advanced engraving services to several regional injection molding companies. The more molds Schnipke engraved, the more Leonard Schnipke became interested in the plastic injection molding process.

In 1967, The Schnipke Engraving Company embarked into the plastic injection mold making industry. At first, the molds were basic. Mr. Schnipke soon realized that based on his past machinist experience, he had the ability to work with intricate plastic injection molds. This ability, along with an unparalleled drive to solve complex molding problems, provided the foundation on which The Schnipke Engraving Company was built. In early 2000, Mr. Schnipke passed leaving the company in the stewardship of his eldest daughter Ellie Halter.  As President and CEO, Ellie continues to guide the company forward maintaining the core values of honor, trust and respect that her father founded the company on. An overview of service excellence to our customers is located below.

Review our 50 years of excellence below:

1960s – 1970s

1962: Leonard and Pauline started The Schnipke Engraving Co. as an Industrial Engraving Business. The business started in a 1 car garage with a pantograph, grinder and accessories. As the business continued to expand from a 1 to 3 car garage, it became strong enough to support his family, so Leonard quit his “regular” job to work fulltime in their business.

1967: Business became incorporated

Entered the Injection Molding business:

     1967-1968: Built first injection molding machine

     1968: Made first mold cavity

     1968: Received first commercial injection molding contract

1973-1974: Developed archery nocks and vanes

1980s – 1990s

Expansions continue: 46k sq. ft. addition of two new buildings

1983: Began Mold fabrication and Injection molding for Medical Industry

1992: Developed 1st manual cartridge assembly line, which led to first cartridge assembly at Schnipke.

1998: Received the “President’s Quality Award” for unique assembly process

1999: Began contract manufacturing

Growth & Expansion (2000 – present)

2003: Opened Schnipke Southwest LLC (SSW) – a 69k sq. ft. facility in Tucson, AZ

2004: Received large transfer of Medical tools that resulted in further expansion

2009: Began serving the Aerospace market

2013: Successfully completed transfer of Consumer Medical tools and expanded high volume molding capabilities at SSW

Technology & Advancements (2000 – present)

2000: Finished the first automated assembly line

2006: Implemented IQMS ERP system

2008: Completed 2nd generation automated cartridge assembly line

2008: Lean transformation began

2010: Added Sigma Soft Analysis to our capabilities

2010: Completed 3rd generation automated cartridge assembly cell

2014: Added New Dual Head wire machine to increase capabilities and efficiency

2015: Implementation of 4th generation automated cartridge assembly cell 

Customer Awards & Recognition (2000 – present)

2001: Received the “Crystal Eagle” award for manufacturing processes

2010: Received the “Supplier of the Year” award for our Lean Efforts

2012: Granted “Preferred Supplier” status by multi-national medical customer

Certifications (2000 – present)

2001: SEC acquired ISO9001:1994 certification 

2002: SEC acquired ISO9001:2000 certification

2002: SEC became certified as a Women Owned Business

2005: SSW acquired ISO-9001:2000 and ISO 13485 certification